About iGear

iGear is a brand of innovative gadgets at an affordable cost to customers looking for technology solutions to their lifestyle needs. When you unbox our product, you don’t just un-box a trendy lifestyle; you unbox new possibilities of an intelligent way of living.We have a wide range of products from Speakers, Earphones, Mobile Accessories, Lifestyle, Desk Lamps, Keyboards, and Fitness. We are here, ensuring that our innovative technology brings you a feeling of delight.

iGear products are made to the highest quality, are built to last, and comes with 1 year free replacement warranty on any manufacturing defect. We have sold over 1 Million+ units.

So, whether it be singing your heart out, listening to music or just lighting up your desk, we give a twist to your everyday life. Our products usher in innovation regarding design, utility, and practicality.