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  • iGear launches charging station to charge Android phones, iPhones and wireless accessories

  • The typewriter-style iGear Keybee taps into the rising trend of “nowstalgia”

  • The iGear Orion is one innovative wireless charger that's embedded into a table lamp.

  • Affordable portable speakers tend to be compact and easy to carry, with a strong focus on usability

  • The iGear KeyBee is a classic add-on to your work desk at home or office

  • The iGear Spectrum is a powerful wireless speaker that can transform any small to medium gathering into a lively get-together.

  • The iGear TwinBods 2.0 is a superb solution for those who are either travelling alone or in a group

  • The TwinBod 2.0 is a unique travel accessory and is a single solution for personal audio & group music


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Party Speakers with Mic: Turn up any room into a dance club. Our Party Speakers not only sound great, they’re built tough too.

Wireless TWS Earbuds with ANC & ENC: Block out the world and get lost in your music. These earbuds were made for audiophiles.

Gaming Combo: Boost your gaming skills with our RGB Mechanical Keyboard, Mouse and Headphones. Don’t forget to turn on VICTORY mode.

Fast Charging Power Banks & Gan Chargers: Always be prepared for anything life throws at you (and keep those gadgets nice and full).

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iGear is not just about gadgets; it's about elevating your everyday experiences. With our 120W Soundbar with Woofer, experience cinema-quality sound in the comfort of your home. Groom with precision using our Balls Trimmer for Men, and unwind after a long day with iMassage – the Eye Massager designed for relaxation.

Trending Now: Innovations
Keybee – The Pop-Up Keyboard: Say goodbye to the ordinary with Keybee. Customize your typing experience with our interchangeable keyboards that cater to your mood and style.