The Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2024: Top Portable Speakers For Any Budget

The Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2024: Top Portable Speakers For Any Budget

Technology has evolved over the years and made everything simpler. Work, travel, talk, and even shopping, they all have changed radically for the better.

However, listening to music hasn’t changed just in terms of simplicity – it’s also gotten so much better. Whether you’re at a house party or on a beach getaway or even during a trekking trip that takes you into nature’s unknown paths, Bluetooth Speakers are going to be your best friend.

The sheer convenience of these gadgets is unmatched and can be used for almost any purpose - cooking, grooving alone in the house etc. When it comes to parties specifically however, their superior sound quality fills up the room and instantly sets a more lively tone.

Not only that but they are designed to be easily portable so you don't have to worry about lugging them around as well as super stylish so they go with every aesthetic. This list of best Bluetooth speakers online is perfect for this festive season and could very well save your night if you ever decide last minute to celebrate:



These wireless speakers are the best of both worlds. Packed with features while still being small and compact. With 10W premium sound quality you can be sure that your energy is gonna be through roof no matter what!

They connect to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop via Bluetooth in a blink of an eye and stay connected for up to 7 hours nonstop! So whether you’re looking for a music partner on your long hikes or just trying to set the mood on your late nights with the stars, the iGear Roll is perfect.

And don’t worry about rain ruining them either! They have an IPX5 water and splash resistant rating so streaming tunes while you dip your feet into a stream won’t come at a cost.


Don't let its small size fool you; this thing hits hard.

Despite being smaller than your phone, the iGear Pulse Bluetooth speaker is built with two 5-watt speakers to give you a sound that’s the perfect combination of length, strength, and wit. It doesn’t sacrifice on bass either - in fact it probably has more than enough for your taste.

But that's not all it can do.The convenience of its compact design pairs well with the carry strap and allows you to take it just about anywhere. Easy to use and easy to love, it'll keep the music flowing no matter where you go.

And if you're worried about how flimsy such a small speaker might be, don't be! With IPX4 water resistance and durability in mind, they made sure this little guy was ready for anything the elements might throw at you. Durability also means compatibility; this Bluetooth V5.3 speaker is designed to connect to multiple devices at once with low latency so that nobody ever has to miss out on a song.


X-Bass 60

The iGear X-Bass 60 is a portable speaker that stands out from the rest. It’s got a lot of power and it looks good doing it. This IPX4 rated speaker can handle the elements, so don’t worry about your spills or a few water splashes. Whether you’re inside or outside with this speaker, you’ll be entertained.

With its 60W speaker at the core, music will come in crystal clear quality with volume too. We all know bass shakes walls, but who says treble can’t? In fact, this thing guarantees every note to sound like an actual live concert. So get ready to tell your neighbors sorry for what they’re about to hear.

And just when you thought that was enough to sell it... The iGear X-Bass 60 also has RGB lights! That’s right— lights and sounds in one device. Not only does this look super cool as it changes colors, but it sets the mood for different occasions also. So if you’re just chilling back at home or throwing a party, this thing has got you covered.

This speaker is built with performance and style in mind. You won’t have to worry about durability either because everything on here was made to last!



An absolute beast among portable speakers, with an IPX6 rating to ensure it won’t be defeated by water exposure. With its 70W output, this sturdy speaker brings a deep, rich sound quality that lends itself well to all types of music.

We’re not done yet though. The iGear Grape is about making every environment feel electric and inspiring vibes wherever you take it. Outfitted with RGB lights that go off while you play your tunes will make for the perfect centerpiece for any event or gathering.

Getting into the more technical jargon, its IPX6 rating means it can handle much more than just a couple splashes of water. It can withstand heavy sprays under high pressure which makes it an ideal speaker for pool parties or days at the beach where things might get wet and wild. And don't worry about bringing it on adventure trips either; it’ll put up one hell of a fight against mother nature’s elements.

As far as durability and sound quality goes, we’re leading the pack, but convenience and ease of use are also our priorities here at iGear. With a speaker that’s perfect for livening up events or creating some nice white noise at home, why look anywhere else?


X-Bass 100

Behold the iGear X-Bass 100, a speaker that steps up the game when it comes to robust sound and versatile functionality. It’s IPX5 rated so you can take it outdoors no matter what splashes or storms you face. Boasting a gargantuan 100W speaker at its heart, this beast promises to deliver deep, immersive sounds with matchless clarity.

But the iGear X-Bass 100 is far from a one-trick pony. It also contains RGB lights that will light up your space in style while syncing perfectly with your tunes for a full-blown audiovisual onslaught. So whether you’re hosting an all-night rager, having a relaxed evening by yourself or setting up camp on some unknown terrain, these lights have got you covered.

Additionally, this speaker boasts mic support so you can use it as a PA system for events or even hold impromptu karaoke sessions on the street (as long as nobody objects). Basically, if versatility was a person this speaker would be them in physical form. With powerful sounds, mood-enhancing lighting and practical features to boot, we can confidently say that the iGear X-Bass 100 is not something you want to sleep on.


Indeed, these online available Bluetooth speakers are the best of the best when it comes to pumping tunes. Once you turn them on they will transform any space into a musical heaven. But their powerful audio isn’t all that’s great about them. These speakers also have a sleek design and their battery life is nothing short of amazing! So go ahead and pick your favorite one, because once the music starts you’ll be floating in euphoria!

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